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Photography is my art, expression. It focuses on the light in the world, the beauty yearning to be brought forth in the midst of pain, misery, and darkness. Beauty is everywhere; the excited smile of a child, a sun setting over the ocean, the sleeping face of newborn baby, a man hard at work taking a second to wipe his weary brow, a kiss between lovers, the head in hand slightly embarrassed Grandmother at having her picture taken, the tears of a father as he gives his daughter away to her husband. There is beauty everywhere, in all things. As human beings we relate to all emotions, not solely the bright happy ones. As a photographer I diligently seek to find the moments of beauty that are not just surface level. Human beings seek connection. There is nothing like seeing a photograph and feeling some form of connection deep within the soul to something which words may not be able to express. A picture paints a thousand words. My desire is find the moments that capture and captivate the human heart.

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